52 Tool holderes 2007.9/15

This article shows an assortment of Quick Change Tool Holders (QCTHs) designed for use in a Quick Change Tool Post.   Also shown are a number of boring bars and other tool holders designed to hold carbide inserts.  

See Article Number 49 for information on making a Quick Change Tool Post. 

1.  An assortment of QCTHs and holders for carbide inserts.

Moreover, the QCTP holder for a large diameter insert toolholder for commercially produced was produced at the same time.

The blank insertholderes are the spares for the future.

2. The tool holder  for this insert is 20 mm square, too large for direct mounting in the four-way tool post that came with my small lathe.

To provide for mounting this tool, a  dedicated QCTH was made.
3. Boring bars with inserts.  Material is 45C carbon steel.

The seats for the carbide inserts were formed  on my CNC  mill where  copying is easy once programming  data is available. (See #5 below.)

4. Insert holders made from 45C carbon steel.
5. See Article Number 53 for additional information on the CNC  system.

6. A QCTH for 12 mm and 14 mm boring bars.  A sleeve is used with the smaller diameter.

7. Reaming 14 mm hole in  QCTH for a neat fit of boring bar shank. 
8. Cutting a 1.5 mm slit.  This technique  provides for clamping the boring bar  without marring the shank.