57 Cyclone Dust Collector 2008/4/6

A cyclone  dust collector was constructed which works in conjunction with  my vacuum cleaner.  The purpose of the collector is to trap debris before it can reach the vacuum  cleaner.  Particles  are swirled  at high speed and ultimately fall to the bottom where they are collected. 

The  principles are the same as  those used  in vacuum units of  some woodworking shops.   

The size of my dust collector  was scaled to match my vacuum cleaner and by the materials that were readily available.   Of course, other sizes could be made. 

The drawing is HERE

1. Overview of the cyclone dust collector.

The body diameter is approximately 15 cm, and the height  is approximately 50 cm.

2. Principles of operation :

The upper opening of the collector is connected to  the inlet of the vacuum cleaner.

The side opening of  the collector is connected to the pickup hose.

Debris  rotates at high speed in the spinning air and  falls gradually to the bottom.
3. The hole for the upper pipe is machined on the mill which is equipped with CNC.)
4. The pipe is positioned in the hole and cemented  with vinyl chloride adhesive.
5. The side, inlet, pipe.
6. The side pipe is positioned  to encourage   cyclone action.
7. Collected chips.

Early testing shows the collector to be efficient  in picking up smaller chips of paper, metal, plastic and wood, but larger pieces may get trapped in the piping. 
8. The collector mounted for use with the mill.  A small vacuum provides the suction.