58 Change to Belt Drive 2008/11/13

As for the spindle speed of M45, a gear changing system is adopted.
The gears are put in the head unit, and the head is an oil bath structure and it is filled with the oil of about 2L.
12 stages can be switched from 60 to 3,000 rpm to the spindle speed by the lever operation.
It was expected that the noise when the motor rotated was not large because it has a oil bath gear system.
However, because it was a gear noise of an unexpected size, when actually turning in the construction room, I decided remodeling to the belt drive method.
The motor is 2P/4P switch type of 0.75Kw.
The speed change corresponds by an ac speed controller for the three phase motor.

PDTo examine to what remodeling policy to make it to change to the belt drive system, the head was disassembled.
The screws were removed referring to the mechanism part assembly drawing of the manual.
However, easily it was not possible to disassemble, and I had a hard time because the lock pin and gears were connected with the bearing in the upper cover part.
After it had disassembled it, I felt an internal gear connection structure will never assembled it because it was very complex.
2.Oil was pulled out, and gears and gearshifts were removed.
The place where the belt drive Pooley seemed to be attachable as a result of examining how the belt drive structure being able to be achieved was found.

3. And, I decided to make it to the belt drive method by the timing Pooley.
4. It built it in by using a mechanism existing as for the tension pooley function to absorb the bend of the belt.
5.However, it became a structure that an upper cover doesn't close by an internal mechanism.
Now, it became a structure to float an upper cover provisionally by about 20mm.

6.Provisional finishes being not satisfactory though becomes practical use when thinking about becoming small of the range of movement of [kuiru], and the fine sight, etc. as the perfection.
To store all mechanisms in the box, space in the box decided to be secured.
Remodeling in the head unit should be necessary, and the head unit be removed for that.
The head is removed by producing a wooden treatment device like the photograph, and moving the table.
Because it was uncertain how the weight balance of the head is going, it is fixed in the PP band in the table to make sure with the treatment device.
It has been understood yet that it is unquestionable in as for the result, there is no PP band.
7.The removed head unit was put on the M18 miller.
It was possible to fix firmly.
8.An internal boss part was cut down by about 20mm.

9.As for the bearing in the box, the bearing made in Japan was installed.C:\Program Files\NextFTP\NEXTFTP.EXE
However, I have changed three bearings because I was found that they have mechanical stick a little.