I had placed an order a milling machine on December 2007. @
It took about half a year to prepare the installation after it bought it, and it finally carried in May, 2008.

The installation was requested from a special agency since there are many difficult points such as big weiht.

1. The weight of the new machine is around 330Kg so I decided to reinforce the load bearing fo the workshop floor.

2. I have rearranged workshop.

45mm square aluminimu flame was used as a table flame.
3. The space was reserved for the new machine.

The table consistus of aluminium flame and wood panel.
4. The machin is coming.
5. The workshop is located on the ground floor.
The wood panel is become a road for the machine movement.
6.Unload the machine and it coming by a forklift.
7. Than machine is arriving at the house door.
8. This wood panel is to prevent floor damage.
9. Install a support tower for pull up the machine.
10. Pulling up the machine with a chain block.
11.Put a big wook block under the machine and adjust the height wiht a wood plate to the table top height..
12. The milling machine is moving from wood block to the table with a round bar.
13. The milling machine had moved on the table. And adjusting the location to the right point.
14. The inatalation was finished.
15. I rearrange the my workshop by using aluminium frame. This is a vew of the lathe setting on the new table.
16. I have installed a slide board under the lathe table. This system is effective for eliminate redundant storage space.