61. DRO 2009/4/23

A DRO has installed in the milling machine.
The scale is optics, and the resolution is 0.001mm.
Manufacture of the DRO unit is CARMAR in Taiwan.

1. It is a display unit.
2. It is a hole processing to install the DRO scale angle in the slide base of Z axis.
3.Adjusting the Z axis scale with a dial gage.
4. A dust cover is installed for Z axis scale.
5. A scale angel is installed for Y axis.
6.The optics scale is attached on the aluminium plate to facilitate adjustment for Y axis.
7. A dust cover is installed.
And the limit switchs on the dust cover.
8.To install the scale of X axis, the hole is made behind the table.
9. The X axis scale is installed.
10. Adjusting the X axis scale.
11. A dust cover for X axis is installeds