This is probably the simplest of all of my projects and has proved  to be very handy.    It is used to hold short sections of material not suitable for clamping in the original bandsaw vise.  The vise and adapter can used for square and beveled cuts.

The wooden base and vise clamped in the original bandsaw vise.

The closeup shows a short piece held securely  during bandsawing.  

The adapter can be propped to make a parallel slit in the workpiece.

Bandsaws   are commonly equipped with an automatic switch for power OFF when the cut is completed.
The automatic switch may not work properly when the adapter is used.  Damage could occur if the blade drops too far.  Damage can be avoided by the operator being present during the cut, and turning off the machine immediately after the cut.  Or an automatic switch can be arranged for use with the adapter.  I did the latter as shown below.

Automatic OFF switching  when adapter is used.