This project adds a basic indexing capability to my shop tooling.  The design concept is simple: provide a means for holding and indexing the workpiece.  

A plastic gear, affixed to the rotating shaft, provides for accurately setting various increments of rotation.

The Index Stand includes a substantial rectangular base  for mounting on the mill table  or being clamped in a bench vise.

Attached to the base is a vertical column which provides for setting the height  of the Index Stand head.   The head is slitted and can be locked at any position on the vertical column.   A "stop rod" running  parallel to the vertical column is useful for  repeated settings.   

The below view shows how the head is locked at the desired height.  The head fits precisely on the column, making for easy adjustment and locking in place.

Below is a bottom view of the Index Stand.

Below shows the Index Stand  mounted on the mill table.  In this case, its  sole purpose is to hold the workpiece. The angle was set by eye. The gear was not used.