@This project adds a tool rest to my bench grinder for accurately grinding  lathe and milling tools.  For example, a 60 degree point, with proper relief angles, can be accurately ground using this rest. 

The tool rest consists of a slotted base  which  can be tilted at various angles. This base can also be moved in and out, and up and down, relative to the grinding wheel.  The slotted base includes two slots; the side-to-side slot shown below, and an in-out slot, shown in a later photograph. 

This design does not include an angle scale, so I use a bevel-square to set up the vertical and horizontal angles.

I have found this design a very useful addition to my shop; however, there have been times when the handles have caused interference.  The handles offer a convenient method for tightening, but perhaps ordinary fasteners would serve nicely.  

The sliding base travels in grooves and includes a guide which can be rotated to set a grinding angle. @

Below shows the slots incorporated in the base.

Below shows a lathe bit positioned on the rest, ready for sharpening.  During sharpening  the bit is held against the fence by hand.