This article shows the making of a smaller version of height gauge  for use on my 300 cm square surface plate.  The height gauge is made by converting a vernier caliper. A micro-adjustment  mechanism is included, as well as provision for locking the scribing foot at any height. 


Two height gauges   are shown   --  a commercial unit on the left and the gauge I made on the right.

The compact gauge  offers greatly improved handling. 

Cutting off caliper jaw using bench grinder with narrow wheel.

This is the vernier caliper disassembled .
Disassembled vernier caliper.

The base of the jaw being cut on the bandsaw.  This part  hasn't   been  hardened.

The two main parts remaining after trimming.

Fly cutting cast iron base. 

See Article Number 36 for information on making a fly cutter. 

See Article Number 29 for information on making a vise.

Machining the end of the base.  

Slotting the base, 3.2 mm or sized to fit the scale.

See Article Number 44 on making a metal saw holder.

Fixing a mistake.
A miss-drilled hole was filled with a rod held in place with high strength Loctite 2760 or equivalent. 

Machining the half-round finger groove to aid holding and moving the gauge.  

The round cutter was shop made as shown in Article Number 34.

A large chamfer is added to top edges of the base for hand comfort.

Machining tapers on front edges of base.  

The base is held in a vise, resting on a tilting table, raised to a slight angle.

See Article Number 30 for making a tilting table.

Base machining is finished.

Machining the scriber foot from a round bar of SKS3 steel. (Similar to 1095 carbon tool steel.)

Scribing foot finished and ready for heat treating.

Machining the scriber post angle bracket.

This is the box bracket that joins the scriber foot
to the scriber post angle bracket.

At this  point most of the work has been done and the height gauge can be used even though the micro-adjustment mechanism hasn't  been installed.

Zeroing the scriber foot  by placing metal shims between the foot and post angle bracket.

Machining the micro-adjustment mechanism frame.

Machining  micro-adjustment frame with a 1.6 mm end mill.

Micro-adjustment mechanism installed.

Close-up  of micro-adjustment mechanism.