Knurling holder

This knurler is similar to the one shown in Article Number 4; however, this knurler is designed for convenient mounting in a Quick Change Tool Post, QCTP

Two holders were made of the same design -- one for straight-fluted wheels and one for diagonal-fluted wheels, which produce a diamond pattern. 

1. These knurlers  are designed to fit the QCTP which I made and use most of the time.

 See Article Number 49 for  information on making a QCTP.

2. Mild steel, 16 mm square, is used for the knurler arms.  

The arms are clamped and scribed.
3. The bars are securely clamped and drilled to form the half-rounds in the center of the arms.
4. This is the process of the corner rounding.

Rounding the bar ends using a high-speed, 3-flute end mill with strong flute design, 20 mm diameter.  
A very beautiful finish results when using the strong fluted end mill.

You can see the process of corner rounding on the folowing movie file.

Movie of corner rounding (1.5MB 1.5min)
5.  Slotting the arms.
6.A view of all the parts.
7. Attached to QCTP.  
8. The knurler in use.  

The knurler should be angled three to five degrees to the left.
9. Successfully knurled diamond pattern.

The material is mild  steel, 14 mm diameter.

10. Closeup of the knurled surface.