For laying out on a surface plate, a ruler stand was made which is to be used in conjunction with a scribing block.  The scribing block can be seen  in Article #6.  The material used for the ruler stand is mild steel.

Cutting rough sizes on the bandsaw.
The material ready for machining. The base measures 25x40x55.  The vertical post measures  10x25x55 mm.  

The vise is accurately aligned prior to machining.
The base block is sized and trued.
Making a wide channel in the base to accommodate  the vertical bar.


The vertical bar held  on the milling table for cutting the ruler slot.  The slot depth is 0.5 mm.

The parts are ready for assembly which must be done on a surface plate.  The following sequence  is recommended : 

Attach the vertical bar to the base with the two fasteners. 

Place the ruler in its groove allowing the ruler end to contact the surface plate.  [This assures that the starting  point of the ruler is positioned  on the surface of the plate.]  

Tighten the screw at the top of the ruler, and add instant glue to hold the bottom of the ruler in place.

The completed ruler stand  is positioned on the surface plate, ready  for use with the scribing block.