This article shows the making of tool holders for carbide inserts.  The shanks are made of mild steel.

Shown below are four examples of tool holders that I have made for use on the lathe.  Each holds an insert of different geometry.

For this  article, the the holders are numbered 1 through 4, starting on the left.  Holder #2  is machined to provide clearance for an insert which has no built-in clearance.  Holders #1.  #3 and #4 are machined for inserts which have a built-in clearance.    Holder #3 is a specialized  insert used for finishing  aluminum.  

As a personal note, during my early days of machining I used  HSS bits which I ground and sharpened myself.   As I gained experience I wanted to avoid the effort of grinding and resharpening, so I converted to using holders with carbide inserts.  

Setup for machining the insert seat for holder #2.  The angle plate is set to 6 degrees to establish the front clearance  angle. 

Also, the holder is held in the vise at an angle, not flat, to establish the side rake angle of the insert seat.

Machining the insert seat of holder #2 with a 6 mm end mill.  

Note that the seat is angled in two directions.

Cut off unnecessary part and machine all faces.

See Article Number 39 for more on the Bandsaw Adapter.

Machining the seat of holder #3.  Note that the seat is machined level since the clearance angles are built into the  insert's geometry.