This  project consists of making two small  v-blocks at the same time. The blocks were bonded together with instant adhesive and machined as a unit.

Each v-block is mild steel and  measures  50 mm wide, 20 mm high, by 10 mm deep.   

The v-blocks  are  used  for holding round stock in the vise and for other applications.


 Making procedure
The vise is readied for holding the workpiece. It has been tilted to 45 degrees and is being  accurately aligned on the mill table.

See Article # 29 for how the vise was made.

See Article # 30 for how the tilting angle plate was made. 

Instant adhesive bonds the two pieces  for machining as a unit.

Cutting the vee  with the metal saw.   See Article # 17 for the details of making the  saw arbor. 

Completing the vee.

After machining the bonded parts are heated and separated.  

The adhesive residue is sanded off. 



V-block holding a square workpiece with the groove providing clearance.